Online Gaming Safety Tips


Because of DOVID-19 and stay home campaign, many people spends time on online games.
We notice that many technical intern trainees play online-games too.
Online-game trouble is increasing in Japan so please be careful and avoid getting in trouble.

1. Download apps from GOOGLE PLAY or APPLE STORE only

Apps in Google Store or Apple store are generally safe to play.
Other apps may have viruses in the app or might be illegal.
They might steal your personal information from your phone without permission.

DO NOT download games from strange websites. NEVER install or play unknown apps.

2. Find out where you have to pay in the apps

Some games play are free at the first.
But you may have to pay if you want to buy items or go to next stage.

Please play games after finding out where you have to pay.
If you don’t understand Japanese, you can always ask us or your co-workers.

3. Do NOT pay money to strangers

You may make friends in games, It is fun to meet new people.
But the person who you think is friend might be a bad person.

Don’t talk about your private information or give money to them.
He or she may be nice, but good people don’t talk about money to strangers.

4. Watch out when chatting online

Online Chat is fun but you must not trust or give money to your chat partner.

Watch out for suspicious links to other websites.

Don’t download or install anything he/she asks.
By accessing strange websites or downloading files, your phone might get infected with a virus. It may break your phone or steal your personal information without permission.

Some scammers may approach you to become friend. After becoming fiends, they lead you to pay money using various ways.

5. Don’t play Gambling Games

Gambling is very addictive, please stay away from gambling

Many technical intern trainees get in financial trouble playing gambling.
They get in debt before realizing, and they can’t send money to their family.

Please play safe and contact us if you have any trouble.