Message to the TITP trainees waiting


Hello, everyone!

How have you been?
How about your family?
Are you studying Japanese?

Now you can’t enter in Japan due to the COVID-19.
You must be in worry because you can’t start technical intern training in Japan.
Nobody have imagined this situation continues for so long.
We hope you will come to Japan very soon, but unless Japanese government doesn’t change the rules on Border Control due to COVID, there is not much we can do to improve the situation.

But we must think positive, there are many things you can do while waiting.

About your COE’s expiration date

Certificates of eligibility issued between 2020/1/1 and 2021/7/31 will be
Valid until January 31, 2022.

Certificates of eligibility issued between 2021/8/1 and 2022/1/31 will be
Valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

( 2021/7/5, Immigration Bureau )

So you can enter in Japan even if your COE’s expiration date is over.
Technical intern training will start after your arrival in Japan.
Your Training period will not be effected by your waiting period.

We understand that you face difficulties now.
You can not work long term in your home country, and you don’t know when you can enter Japan.

  • Please don’t just wait in sad face, try to study meanwhile. This is a chance to prepare for your life in Japan.

  • Study Japanese more, it will be useful for your future.

  • Study about your training in Japan, occupational safety and health, and Japanese rules.

  • Learn how to cook and take care for yourself.

  • Once your training starts, you won’t see your family for some time so please enjoy the time together with your parents, brothers, sisters and friends.

We look forward to see you coming to Japan.
Your implementing organization’s staff can’t wait to meet you too!

Please stay well, everything becomes better soon.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

RASSCA Cooperative Ltd.