Director's Message

RASSCA stands for " Refractory and Steels Skilled Workers Coop Association. RASSCA is a cooperative owned and operated by business owners mostly in the field of construction, steel and manufacturing industry. We were established to aim to train high skilled workers in field of manufacturing, construction, refractory, and steel industry.

Our mission is to support the enhancement of the young generations who will shape the world of future industry. Any business owners who would agree with our policy are welcome to join the association.

We are also a licensed Supervising Organizations for Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) since January 2019.

As a Supervising Organization, We supervise member companies to assure that the training programs are conducted in fair manner with no mistreatment of trainees.
We also supervise foreign trainees to make sure that they live and work in safe environment, also every individuals are in secure, stable mind because physical and mental exhaustion can increase the risk of accidents and injury at work.

We are aware that TITP has been criticized for creating a modern slavery system, where young foreign workers are being mistreated, forced to overwork, and living in miserable conditions.

The Organization for Technical Intern Training (OTIT) clearly state that the goal of Technical Intern Program is International Transfer of Skills, Technologies, and Knowledge from Japan to other nations.

However, the fact is that Japan is currently in chronic labor shortage and finding qualified workers is always a problem for many industries, and Technical Inters are becoming valuable human resources to fill the employment gaps.

RASSCA, as a cooperative and as a Supervising organization, treat our Interns in fair and impartial manner with necessary care and support. We also asses our member companies how to communicate, train and support their young foreign trainees. We devote ourselves to secure safe and comfortable training period in a hope to cultivate future resources who will flourish as highly skilled professionals in their fields wherever they work.

In April 2019, Japanese government has introduced “Specified Skilled Worker” visa status designed to supply the shortage of workforce in Japan. Currently in construction industries, completion of the Technical Intern Training (ii) is one of the requirements to apply for Specified Skilled Workers visa.

Thus the importance of the TITP in construction industry is now regarded as one of the long-term measure to cover domestic manpower shortage and to inherit work skills.

We co-work with professional companies with high standard of workmanship, to cultivate human resources that would benefit their future business.

The role of steel industry in infrastructural and overall economic development is critical, and precisely procured refractory jobs are vital in safe operation of iron and steel production.

In order to maintain the legacy of industry-leading safety performance and assure the quality globally recognized as Japan Quality,

We wish all of our TITP Interns to take home the knowledge, attitude and practice of Japanese industrial safety standard for construction industries to improve worker’s health and safety in their home country.

We provide intensive classes on basic Japanese language, basic living skills, as well as Japanese language for industrial accident prevention and safety measures in construction industry.

By combining Safety management training with Japanese classes, we ensure our TITP trainees to be thoroughly educated as standard Japanese workers if not more so.

Throughout our program we wish to dedicate to Japan’s internationalization by supporting technological and cultural exchanges of young generations in Asian countries, cultural exchange, mutual understanding and ensuring their work environment.

RASSCA Cooperative Ltd. of Director: