Acceptance criteria in the construction sector

In December 2020, new standard was added to the certification of technical intern training program in the field of construction.

Business owners who accept technical trainees in construction industry must meet the following criteria:

1. Additional standards for Implementing Organizations in Construction Industry

(as of 1/1/2019)

The business entity must:

1. Have the Construction License (Construction Business Law, Article 1, Article 3) issued by MLIT, or local governing body.

2. be a registered member of Construction Career Up System(CCUS)

3. register their TITP Trainees at Construction Career Up System(CCUS)

The types of construction work in the license and the job categories of TITP trainees don't necessarily have to match, however the applicant is responsible to explain why they wish to have trainees in this category, and to prove that applicant is capable to train TITP trainees.

2. Standards for the conduct of technical intern trainees

Salary of technical intern trainee must be stable regular Monthly-based salary system

3. Number of TITP Trainees

Number of technical interns must not exceed the total number of employees
(Exception for implementing organizations with excellency)

Reference:Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism 『About the new admission criteria for technical apprenticeship training in the construction sector』

In addition, trainees must meet the regular standards of Article 15 of the Law Enforcement Regulations on Technical Intern Training

List of subject occupations in the construction field

Construction Industry - 22 categories, 33 work types (2021/3/16)

Job category Operation Job category Operation
Well drilling Percussion type well drilling operation Heat insulation Heat-retention and cool-retention construction work
Rotary type well drilling operation Interior finishing Plastic-material floor finishing construction work
Building sheet metal work Duct sheet metal operation Carpeting floor finishing construction work
Interior and exterior sheet metal operation Metal-made foundation construction work
Freezing and air conditioning apparatus installing Freezing and air harmonizing equipment installation work Board finishing construction work
Fixture making Hand processing work of wooden fixture Curtain installation work
Carpentry Carpentry construction work Sash setting Building sash installation work
Frame working Frame construction work Waterproofing Sealing water-proof construction work
Reinforcing bar construction Assembling reinforced rod bar work Concrete pressure feeding Concrete pressure transfer construction work
Scaffolding Scaffolding building work Well point construction Well-point construction work
Building stone construction Stone processing work Paper hanging Painting work
Work of putting out stones Application of construction equipment Dozing work
Tiling Tiling work Loading work
Tile roofing Tile-roofing work Excavating work
Plastering Plasterers work Road rolling work
Plumbing Construction piping work Furnace Installation, Furnace installation work Furnace installation, Furnace installation work
Plant piping work