Beware of Cybercrime


«This is a public announcement for TITP trainees by JITCO »

To Technical Intern Trainees

Beware of Getting Involved in Cybercrime!

There have been reports that technical intern trainees have been involved in cybercrime. According to the National Police Agency, crime organizations have contacted technical intern trainees via word of mouth or flyers, and there have been cases where they purchase bank accounts from technical intern trainees, or exploit technical intern trainees as receivers for fraud using online shops.

When you are used by a criminal organization in this manner, he or she may be arrested and apprehended as an accomplice of criminal act. Therefore, you should securely manage your bank account so it will not be used by any criminal organizations, and be cautious not to take part in receiving unfamiliar money or valuables.

Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO)

Reference: JITCO announcement for crime prevention

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