Ten requirements for the accepting organization or Support organization

  1. 1. Pre-departure Orientation

    The orientation shall be conducted via in-person or videoconference interview. It must include detailed explanations of his/her working conditions: Duties, responsibilities, hours, salary, immigration procedures, and social security collected from his/her salary. The foreign workers should fully understand the above details and their contracts.

  2. 2. Transportation upon arrival and departure

    Transportation from the airport to either office or residence AND transportation and the accompaniment to the airport to make sure the foreign worker leave Japan in secure manner.

  3. 3. Support for residential contracts and related tasks.

    Support for necessary housing arrangements and contracts such as opening a bank account, phone, garbage collection, electric, gas, and other necessary services.

  4. 4. Conduct Orientation

    The orientation should be at least be 8 hours on general daily life issues such as how to use bank accounts, medical and health instructions, transportation, traffic rules, manners, preparation for emergency and natural disasters, legal education and other necessary information required for life in Japan.

  5. 5. Provide Japanese language-learning opportunities

    Provide guidance on Japanese language classes, information on Japanese learning materials, and procedural support as needed.

  6. 6. Support & Respond to Complaints.

    Must provide consultations and complaints about work and life, provide necessary guidance and advice in a language fully understood by the foreign nationals.

  7. 7. Promote communication with local residents

    Provide guidance and assist communication with local residents and events, festivals etc.

  8. 8. Support employment changes (in the event of layoffs etc.)

    When the accepting organization is to terminate the contract due to their own circumstances, the employer must provide necessary administrative support to the Specified Skilled workers. The employer must also provide paid leave period for the candidate to find the next workplace.

  9. 9. Regular Interviews & Screening

    The person in response must meet the worker and/or his/her employer in regular basis (every 3 months) and report if there is any breach of contract or violations of the Labor Act.

  10. 10. Filing & Reporting

    Accepting Organizations is responsible to file various notifications to the Immigration bureau on regular or non-regular basis. Failure to notify or making false reports is subject to penalties.