TITP Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of accepting TITP Trainees

TITP interns are enthusiastic and positive. Their attitude and liveliness can have great impacts on work environment.。
Accepting TITP interns can increase company’s perceived image as a global company and can build brand recognition to support future business scenarios.
Business Expenditure
Former TITP interns may become the bridge for the future international expansion of the business.
International Cooperation
Accepting TITP interns may increase company’s image as a global company.

Period limited to 3years
TITP visa allows trainees to work up to three years (i)(a) for one year, and followed by (ii)(a) visa which would allows trainees to work for another two years. (Maximum years of training is five years)
Complex Paperworks
TIT program is carefully run under the strict rules and management by OTIT (Organization for Technical Intern Training) and Immigration Bureau. There are many forms to fill and rules to follow.
Time Consuming
Takes approximately 6-9 months for preparation before accepting TITP trainees.
Intercultural Confusion
It may take a while before getting used to the mixed cultured environment.