Join RASSCA(7-9 months in prior)
Join our cooperation and fill in the request form to select your future Interns.
(Salary, work condition, accommodation for TITP interns must be decided here)
Select Candidates
The sending organization selects ideal candidates for the position.
After screening and interview, select candidates.
Onsite screening
Implementing organization would travel to candidate's home country to interview candidates (Online interview also can be arranged ). TIT Interns and Implementing organization agree and sign the employment contract.
Accreditation from OTIT(4-6 months prior)
Apply for TITP(i) (1 year) accreditation.
Submit Application for CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY(4-6 months prior)
Submit documentations to apply for
Technical Intern Training (i) visa.
Approval on certificate of eligibility(1.5 months in prior)
Immigration bureau issues approval certificate.
Apply for visa (1month in prior)
Trainees submit visa application at the Embassy of Japanin in their home country.
Enter Japan
With certificate of approval and visa, TIT trainee can enter Japan.
Training session
First month TITP trainees learn Japanese, how to live in japan and Japanese culture.
Organized by Supervising Organization.
Start Internship
According to their training schedule, TITP Interns work in implementing organization for 11 months. TITP trainees are subject to all health and labor related act just like other employees.
Get ready to move onto the second year(After 10 months)
TITP trainees must pass Basic Level of the Trade Skills Test to move onto Technical intern training (ii)
Change the residency status
Change the immigration status at Immigration Bureau.
Completion & Further
6 months before completion of the TIT program, interns take Trade Skill Test (advanced). After completion of the program, trainees can dedicate their skills to their home country or apply for new Specified Skills visa program and continue to work in Japan.


Interested in RASSCA or Technical Intern Training Program (TITP)? We welcome any questions or comments.